Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Doll Mei Tai

Children learn by modeling behavior of those around them. Babywearing is something we have done nearly everyday for the past two years and it is part of Little Miss E's routine with her babies as well. When she wants to mop the floors with me, she brings me a scarf and baby and says, "UP!" When her babies "fall down" (when she throws her babies), she picks them up and says, "baby wah wah, need milkie, UP!" We use scarves and do versions of front wrap cross carry, torso carries, and traditional sling carry with her babies. For Christmas I made her a doll mei tai.

Get creative! Little Miss E's is reversible with a forest animal-theme brown cotton flannel on one side and forest animal quilter's cotton on the other side. The ties are a sunshine yellow chevron quilter's cotton. I used two pieces of orange felt for the headrest.

A mei tai is a pretty simple doll carrier to piece together without much instruction but here are a few tutorials for inspiration:

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