Sunday, July 2, 2017

How To Fold An Onbuhimo

How To Fold An Onbuhimo


[45 second video clip to happy background music. Initial text overlay has two lines. Top line says How to Fold an Onbuhimo. Bottom line says Soul Linen Dusk Onbuhimo. The carrier featured is a Japanese-style waistless carrier that is a dusty peach linen and and black chambray. The carrier is spread open with outer layer facing the floor. Bring the two shoulder straps in at an angle. Fold the bottom curved edge up before meeting the edges to the top edge of the carrier. Fold the sides towards the center so they overlap, in thirds. Bring the hood down over the folded carrier. Flip it over and use the hood ties to secure the folded carrier with a bow or double knot. The last image shows the carrier next to a wooden spatula for size reference.]

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