Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with Brittany's Rose Finish

We love a quick rucksack (aka "ruck") back carry! Here's a fancy finish to get those tails out of the way. With a shorter wrap you'll have a smaller rose. With a longer wrap you'll have a larger rose.
Carrier: Soul Sumac Woven Wrap (base minus 1)

[1 minute time lapse video without voice audio or text, with background music of a tan skin bespectacled Asian woman demonstrating how to do a rucksack back carry tied at shoulder with Brittany's rose finish using a base minus 1 red and blue checkered woven wrap. Title image white text: Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with Brittany's Rose Finish (base minus 1) By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair @WearingPluotAndKumquat. Video begins with a toddler high on Mama's back with wrap over her back and up to her shoulders. Middle marker is in center of toddler's back. With tails pinned under Mama's chin, a deep seat is made. Tails are gathered at the shoulders. One tail is brought along the back, pinning the seat in place under toddler's knees. Toddler bounces to test seat. With tail brought up under one arm, it's double knotting with the other tail. Twist shorter tail around double knot. Twist longer tail and continue the rose-in-progress. Tuck tail in. Smile! End image white text: Carrier: Soul Sumac Woven Wrap. Music "So Far So Close" by Jahzzar.]

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