Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Fold a Meh Dai

Storing your meh dai baby carrier? Looking for a way to keep it nice and neat in the car or your backpack/diaper bag? Check this tutorial on how to fold a meh dai! If your hood has two straps instead of four, try wrapping it around the rolled meh dai and tucking it under itself instead of tying off. 


[60 second video tutorial to background music on how to fold an Asian-style carrier called a meh dai or bei dai with wide wrap style straps. The carrier featured is black and pink in repeated concentric squares. Video starts with a black background and white text. Header-How to Fold a Meh Dai. Subheader-Carrier: Soul Maze Pop Meh Dai. Credits-By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair 
@WearingPluotAndKumquat. The carrier is spread out on a wood floor, inside facing up. All four straps are folded on themselves at the width of the body panel. Then the shoulder straps are brought in at an angle to lay on top of the body panel. Next, the waist straps are brought in to lay on top of the body panel, overlapping with the bottom of the neatly folded shoulder straps. The carrier is then rolled up from the bottom until it reaches the base of the hood. A knee is placed on the rolled carrier while the hood straps are cinched about halfway. The hood is rolled up with the rest of the rolled carrier and the straps go in opposite directions to tie in a single or double knot on the other side, securing the rolled carrier in place. The video finishes with the carrier neatly rolled up ready to go; the blue and white SOUL logo is visible on the carrier hood. In the background is a child whispering very loudly "what plant does Parmesan cheese come from?"] 

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