Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fabric Necklace: One Part Cream One Part Grenadine

Who doesn't love a grenadine cream soda? This fabric pattern of dots and chevron and pink and red and tan reminds me of the bubbly sweet concoction. Anyone have a good recipe to share for grenadine cream soda?

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fabric Necklaces: Wild Berry Floral, Daylight Gray Floral, Spring Green Damask

And the fabric necklace obsession continues! So fun, colorful, and practical (i.e. baby-friendly)!

Daylight Gray Floral with Cream Ribbon Ties

Daylight Gray Floral with Cream Ribbon Ties

While nursing or wearing little Miss E, these necklaces are perfect for keeping those little hands busy. When wearing her on my back, she often plays with the ribbon or the necklace can be turned around for her to play with the beads. 

Spring Green Damask worn short and long

Spring Green Damask 

Though made with mamas in mind, these fabric necklaces can be worn by anyone looking for a little creative twist to their everyday casual or work wardrobe!

Wild Berry Floral

Wild Berry Floral

Check them out on Etsy!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

First Birthday Doll

For Little Miss E's first birthday, I wanted to make her something she could hug, kiss, and take everywhere (so it also had to be washing-machine-friendly).

I decided to crochet her a doll and was inspired by Lily Sugar n' Cream's Cute Crochet Doll pattern. Made a few changes:
  • stitched in eyes instead of using beads she could potentially bite off and swallow
  • made dress and shoes one color and hair a different color
  • made dress longer by adding more rows
  • instead of making another flower for the hair, used a baby headband with a flower  previously made for Evie

She ended being 15 inches tall (instead of the 13 inches tall per instructions...not sure what happened) with a head full of soft brown hair in a high pony tail and a purple summer dress with matching Mary Janes. 

We love her!