First Birthday Doll

For Little Miss E's first birthday, I wanted to make her something she could hug, kiss, and take everywhere (so it also had to be washing-machine-friendly).

I decided to crochet her a doll and was inspired by Lily Sugar n' Cream's Cute Crochet Doll pattern. Made a few changes:
  • stitched in eyes instead of using beads she could potentially bite off and swallow
  • made dress and shoes one color and hair a different color
  • made dress longer by adding more rows
  • instead of making another flower for the hair, used a baby headband with a flower  previously made for Evie

She ended being 15 inches tall (instead of the 13 inches tall per instructions...not sure what happened) with a head full of soft brown hair in a high pony tail and a purple summer dress with matching Mary Janes. 

We love her!


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