Fabric Necklaces: Wild Berry Floral, Daylight Gray Floral, Spring Green Damask

And the fabric necklace obsession continues! So fun, colorful, and practical (i.e. baby-friendly)!

Daylight Gray Floral with Cream Ribbon Ties

Daylight Gray Floral with Cream Ribbon Ties

While nursing or wearing little Miss E, these necklaces are perfect for keeping those little hands busy. When wearing her on my back, she often plays with the ribbon or the necklace can be turned around for her to play with the beads. 

Spring Green Damask worn short and long

Spring Green Damask 

Though made with mamas in mind, these fabric necklaces can be worn by anyone looking for a little creative twist to their everyday casual or work wardrobe!

Wild Berry Floral

Wild Berry Floral

Check them out on Etsy!


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