Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with Brittany's Rose Finish

We love a quick rucksack (aka "ruck") back carry! Here's a fancy finish to get those tails out of the way. With a shorter wrap you'll have a smaller rose. With a longer wrap you'll have a larger rose.
Carrier: Soul Sumac Woven Wrap (base minus 1)

[1 minute time lapse video without voice audio or text, with background music of a tan skin bespectacled Asian woman demonstrating how to do a rucksack back carry tied at shoulder with Brittany's rose finish using a base minus 1 red and blue checkered woven wrap. Title image white text: Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with Brittany's Rose Finish (base minus 1) By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair @WearingPluotAndKumquat. Video begins with a toddler high on Mama's back with wrap over her back and up to her shoulders. Middle marker is in center of toddler's back. With tails pinned under Mama's chin, a deep seat is made. Tails are gathered at the shoulders. One tail is brought along the back, pinning the seat in place under toddler's knees. Toddler bounces to test seat. With tail brought up under one arm, it's double knotting with the other tail. Twist shorter tail around double knot. Twist longer tail and continue the rose-in-progress. Tuck tail in. Smile! End image white text: Carrier: Soul Sumac Woven Wrap. Music "So Far So Close" by Jahzzar.]

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Meh Dai Tied Tibetan with Brittany's Rose Finish

Some days we feel kinda fancy. Check out this meh dai tied Tibetan with Brittany's rose finish!

[Image of a tan skin Asian woman's torso with a blue t-shirt mostly covered in black chambray wrap straps tied Tibetan. She's using an Asian-style baby carrier with a sleeping toddler on her back. There's a rose near one shoulder made from the ends of the shoulder straps.]

[57 second time lapse video with no voice audio, with background music demonstrating how to do a back carry with a wrap strap style meh dai tied Tibetan with Brittany's rose finish. Title text: Meh Dai Tied Tibetan with Brittany's Rose Finish. By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair @WearingPluotAndKumquat. A tan skin bespectacled Asian woman is wearing a preschooler on her back. They're using a linen meh dai with a reddish-orange panel and black chambray straps. They are outside on a warm summer afternoon. The waist straps are double knotted at the woman's waist. The shoulder straps come up over the woman's shoulders, go underneath the child's legs, and are spread in back to support the child's bum. When the shoulder straps are brought back to the front, they come up to spread across the woman's chest before double knotting off to one side. The shorter end is looped around the double knot and tucked in securely before the second end is looped around - the finish resembles a rose. End page text: Carrier: Soul Melon on Black Chambray Linen Meh Dai. Music: "Golden Sunrise" by Josh Woodward.]

World Breastfeeding Week: How to Breastfeed in a Ring Sling

It's World Breastfeeding Week! #WBW2017

Breastfeeding while babywearing has been a game changer for my breastfeeding journey with both of my daughters. It wasn't always easy and I never imagined I'd be doing a video tutorial on how to but here we are over 4 years since my journey started. I hope this video tutorial on how we breastfeed using a ring sling encourages you to give it a try and that you feel empowered. 

[1 minute video without voice audio, with background music, and text overlay. A tan skin bespectacled Asian woman is wearing a toddler on her front in a light brown ring sling and demonstrating how to breastfeed without removing the toddler from the carrier. They are outside in front of a wall covered with green grape leaves. Title page text: Breastfeeding in a Ring Sling. By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair @WearingPluotAndKumquat. Tutorial text: 1. Loosen by pulling up on the bottom ring and lower child to desired height. 2. Latch on child. 3. Use tail of ring sling as sun cover, distraction cover, hide-and-seek, added privacy, or don't. Whatever you and your child are comfortable with. 4. To switch sides, with one hand under child's bottom, bounce child over until she/he is in a comfortable position. 5. Latch on child. 6. To re-position when breastfeeding is done, with one hand on child's bottom, lift her/him up and re-tighten. Credits page: Carrier: Soul Linen Sparrow Ring Sling. Music: "One Fine Day" by Jason Shaw.]