World Breastfeeding Week: How to Breastfeed in a Ring Sling

It's World Breastfeeding Week! #WBW2017

Breastfeeding while babywearing has been a game changer for my breastfeeding journey with both of my daughters. It wasn't always easy and I never imagined I'd be doing a video tutorial on how to but here we are over 4 years since my journey started. I hope this video tutorial on how we breastfeed using a ring sling encourages you to give it a try and that you feel empowered. 

[1 minute video without voice audio, with background music, and text overlay. A tan skin bespectacled Asian woman is wearing a toddler on her front in a light brown ring sling and demonstrating how to breastfeed without removing the toddler from the carrier. They are outside in front of a wall covered with green grape leaves. Title page text: Breastfeeding in a Ring Sling. By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair @WearingPluotAndKumquat. Tutorial text: 1. Loosen by pulling up on the bottom ring and lower child to desired height. 2. Latch on child. 3. Use tail of ring sling as sun cover, distraction cover, hide-and-seek, added privacy, or don't. Whatever you and your child are comfortable with. 4. To switch sides, with one hand under child's bottom, bounce child over until she/he is in a comfortable position. 5. Latch on child. 6. To re-position when breastfeeding is done, with one hand on child's bottom, lift her/him up and re-tighten. Credits page: Carrier: Soul Linen Sparrow Ring Sling. Music: "One Fine Day" by Jason Shaw.]


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