Camera Purse

I have been dreaming of a camera bag that doesn't look like scream "tourist" or "going hiking." I have those bags and love them for their purposes but I wanted something ... different. There are many camera handbags out there now beautifully designed by amazing artists. What can I do with what I have? With less than $15 (not including the handbag), I bought foam, purple ripstop (lightweight rip-free nylon), Velcro, and purple thread and got to work! It's very "freestyle" and a little rough along the edges in terms of not being the prettiest of handiwork but it works for its purpose and makes me extremely happy! Mission accomplished!

Fits SLR with lens, extra lens, and flash. A little room for a pen, skinny chap stick, credit cards/ID, keys, and phone.


  1. Nice job, but where does the tripod go?

  2. I rarely use a tripod on shoots so it isn't something I usually carry. If needed, my tripod bag has a strap so it can be carried on my back!

  3. I love this! what a great idea! You should totally sell these! I would buy one!


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