Garden Penne

Cook/Prep Time: 30 minutes

tomatoes (hot off the vine!)
zucchini (accidentally broken off by husband when mowing)
penne (soaks up flavor)
olives (tangy salty)
Parmigiano Reggiano (mmmm nutty gritty goodness.....)
garlic (gotta have garlic)
basil olive oil (so earthy)
splash of Marsala wine (sweet)

While waiting for pot of water to boil for pasta, wash and chop vegetables. Start with mincing the garlic. Heat olive oil in medium saute pan on low-medium and add garlic. Chop up tomatoes and zucchini and add to the sizzling garlic. Throw in some olives if that's your thing (it's my thing). While waiting for vegetables to start bubbling, grate your cheese and try to not eat it all while grating. Give you vegetables a splash of wine and make sure it comes to bubbling again to boil off the alcohol (we aren't going for a "Drunken Penne"). Hopefully your water is boiling by now, cook pasta to al dente (mine took 11 minutes). During this time of waiting around, clean up your mess and set the table (or pull out a bowl and fork or something if you're not the table-setting type). When that timer goes off, drain the pasta, plate it, pour on the vegetable sauce, and sprinkle on some cheese!


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