Sparkle Shoes

June is here! Summer is here! I apologize for the lack of posts in May. With an almost-4 month old who loves to giggle and play, going back to work full-time, and packing up the house for an upcoming move, it has been a little nuts around here! 

My husband and I are Youth Leaders for the high school kids at our church. Today is our last hurrah with the kids and we're getting our glitter on! Yes, you heard right. Thank you Cotton+Curls for your inspiration. I figure it is probably a good idea to do a test run of these sparkly shoes and sunglasses before experimenting with the kids and here are my results: 

Fun right??? The canvas shoes were $5 and shades were $1 from the dollar store. If you have old shoes and shades that need some re-vamping, this is your chance! The rest of the materials add up to be a little more costly but they can be used for multiple projects so ultimately this is a low cost and fun project!!! For the shades, check out Cotton+Curls Gold Rimmed Sunglasses Tutorial.
Sparkle Shoes
There seem to be a couple ways to do this. Paint on the glue, pour on the glitter. I tried that but couldn't get a consistent result without making a huge mess. Instead, I found a small container, poured in some Mod Podge and a lot of glitter. Then I painted this glittery glue onto the shoe. Much cleaner and even results. 

Canvas Shoes
Mod Podge in Glossy
Brush or Sponge Brush
Extra Fine Glitter
Clear Acrylic Sealer in Glossy
Painter's Tape
Small Container
Paper Towels
  1. Line work area with newspaper.
  2. Remove laces from shoes.
  3. Tape around edges - basically anywhere you don't want glitter. 
  4. Pour some Mod Podge into container. Pour in some glitter. Mix with brush. No science to this, just lots of glitter. 
  5. Paint on glitter glue evenly on shoe. I found it easiest to pick up the shoe with your hand in the shoe.
  6. Let shoe dry before applying more layers. You'll know the layer is dry when the glue is clear. Here in the desert, drying between layers took about 10-15 minutes.
  7. Apply layers as needed to desired glitter coverage. I painted three layers. 
  8. Stuff shoes with paper towels so you don't get sealer everywhere inside the shoe. Lightly spray on clear acrylic sealer all over outside of shoe. Let dry 15-20 minutes between layers. I did three. This sealer gives you a smooth surface (the Mod Podge can be a little sticky).
  9. Remove the paper towels. Remove the tape carefully. If you have any excess glitter glob, cut it off or smush it down. Put on the laces and you're good to go!


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