Scalloped Beanies

It has been hard to block out time for blogging lately. As my toddler gets closer and closer to two years old, it seems like there are more demands on a day to day basis. Some literal demands, other demands less so.

"Show me how you put on your socks so we can put on your boots before we leave for story time."


"How about you pick out the color of socks you'd like to wear."

Rummages through her dresser drawer and grabs purple socks to put on her hands)

"Would you like help?"

"Yes." (and runs away)

jewel tones

All joking aside, the challenges come with their rewards knowing we are both learning and growing together everyday. She inspires me to continue to create fun dishes for the whole family to enjoy, to crochet warm hats to wear through the seasons, and to remember to not take things too seriously.

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