Tandem Wearing: Onbuhimo and Woven Wrap

Check out my tutorial on wearing a toddler and a preschooler using an onbuhimo and a base minus 1 woven wrap! The children are in their own carriers so each can be taken out individually if needed. The lack of a waist belt from the onbuhimo gives me more freedom and I don't feel like I have so much on me. It's less hot too. The short cross carry with a ring is pre-tied and can be easily adjusted; plus there's no bulky knot anywhere. We don't tandem wear often but some times both children need the same person at the same time, and it's nice to have options! 

[59 second time-lapse video with background music demonstrating how to wear two children using dusty peach-colored linen buckle onbuhimo on back and a base minus 1 pink and black woven wrap on front. Wearer is a tan skin bespectacled Asian woman and wearees are a toddler and a preschooler. They are outside in front of greenery on a slightly windy day. Main header: Tandem Wearing: Onbuhimo and Woven Wrap. Subheader: Soul Linen Onbuhimo, Soul Maze Pop Woven Wrap, 1 Large Aluminum Sling Ring. Second subheader: By: Stephanie Lu Sinclair, @WearingPluotAndKumquat. Three video clips have text to the right of each clip detailing the steps. First clip text: Short Cross Carry with a Ring and Base Minus 1; 1. Find middle marker. 2. Slide ring to the middle marker. 3. Accordian fold wrap. 4. Place over head and lower ring down back. Be careful not to twist wrap. 5. Accordian fold ends in front, make an X and bring ends to back and loop through ring. 6. Make just enough of a pocket in front for child. Don't put child is yet! Second clip text: Putting On Onbuhimo; 1. Webbing and perfect fit adjusters (PFAs) are loosened. Have chest clip all the way down or to where you find most comfortable. 2. Ask child to step into carrier, one leg in each shoulder strap loop. 3. Stoop down to place child on back, insert arms into shoulder straps. 4. Stand up, buckle chest clip. Make seat by pulling fabric up between you and child. Tighten shoulder straps. Ask child if s/he is comfortable. Adjust as needed. Third clip text: Place Child In Front; 1. Place child at burping height. 2. Guide child's leg into inside pass first, then other leg into outside pass. 3. Spread passes knee to knee and across child's back (easier to spread inside pass first). 4. Do jazz hands because you're wearing two children and you're hands-free! They're in their own carriers so if anyone wants down to chase a rabbit or pick a flower, you can take them out individually. End of video text: Thanks for watching! Wear on!]


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