Blue Floral Ribbon Tie Pillowcase Dress (0-3mo)

Here's my first attempt at making a baby girl's dress! It's a really simple pattern and I only deviated from it slightly. I was going to use bias tape for the ties but couldn't get the sewing machine to cooperate to sew up the sides so I ended up using a wide ribbon (singed the ends so they wouldn't unravel). I also sewed the ends where the ribbon meets the edge of the collar so that the neck width isn't adjustable; the gathered effect is still there by squishing the fabric together slightly before sewing down the ribbon. The front and back halves at the top are still open so it's easy to fit into the dress. I was nervous about having the ribbon free flowing because kids like to pull on things and I envisioned a self-choking accident waiting to happen.... Anyway, it was extremely easy to make, but not my cleanest hems. First time using bias tape (love the instant finished look) and will need to keep practicing to make it neater! Maybe I'll even be brave enough to try a trim!

Happy sewing!


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