Baby Sun Hats and Headbands

With the higher temps, it's time to put away baby sweaters and beanies ... and bring out the cotton yarn! To protect our baby's sweet cheeks from the sun, I'm experimenting with a mish mash of different patterns to make her the perfect sun hat. From there I thought, crocheted floral headbands would make a fun summer accessory too! Here's a sneak peak of a work in progress... more to come!

Will be adding a band and flower! Future post with finished product to come!

Wait a minute...I have an idea!!! What if the headband goes AROUND the hat??? It's a 2 in 1! When she's wearing the hat, she wears both and when she takes the hat off, she wears the headband!


  1. This last one of the sun hat just kills me! She is so precious. xoxo

  2. I love that yellow sun hat! Too bad you don't have that availabe on your Etsy shop!



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