Early Reflections

I can hardly believe our baby girl is already 2 months old! It is such a joy watching her grow and learn new things everyday. Through the fussy evenings and inopportune diaper blow-outs (although, when do they ever happen at a good time?), we continue to love little Miss Evelyn more and more each day. Her sweet sweet cheeks with those chubby arms and legs make our hearts melt. She recently discovered her hands, arms, and legs can grab, flail, and kick! She focuses on the voices of Mommy and Daddy and smiles when playing. So much fun! As new parents, we've been on a fast learning curve as well. It's amazing how much you can do with one hand when you have to - I may end up ambidextrous in another couple of months (not really). It's also mind boggling how refreshed one can feel after sleeping 4 hours (when compared to 1 hour intervals!). I hope we never forget the little moments. The little moment of appreciation for having a healthy baby. The little moment when our baby girl looks up at us in a break of crying and relaxes the instant we soothe her (or when she has been crying with her eyes closed and stops crying once she opens her eyes and realizes we are holding her!). The little moment of feeling like everything comes together as we watch our baby girl sleep so peacefully through our tired eyes. 

What are some moments you cherish with your child? 

What do you remember from those early months and hope to never forget? 


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