Crochet Owl Ornaments

Snow has fallen. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Presents are wrapped and stacked on top of bookshelves out of a little elf's reach. Hand blown glass ornaments are hung in windows for the winter sun to shine through. Oh the Christmas spirit is here!

Here's a sneak peak at a project in the works.

Evie enjoys playing with different colored balls of yarn. 

I did a slightly modified version of Hopscotch Lane's Crochet Owl Ornament pattern. I prefer finishing rows with a slip stitch (her pattern goes around without slip stitch ends). I also also made the ornament loop as part of crocheting the sc along the top of the ornament instead of finishing off the row of sc's and then making a separate chain for the loop.


  1. I loved this pattern by Hopscotch Lane. Yours are adorable! Check out mine on my blog


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