Guest Blog Post: Keeping Warm in the New Year!

Hello!  Janice here with my first guest blog post on Edible Thoughts.  I've been in town visiting Stephanie and the fam for the past couple of days.  Can you believe this is my first time meeting little miss E?  In between reveling in her cuteness and earning my stay by distracting Ev so she doesn't squirm around during diaper changes, Steph and I have had some time to get creative together, like we so often did when we were young.  She has kindly agreed to let me take control of the write up of our latest collaboration.  Behold, ear warmers!

A sweet bow-quet in Tickle Me Pink, Ladybird Red, All Spruced Up, Teal Me a Secret, Marigold, and Midnight

"Ear warmers?  Really?"  I hear you saying.  Oh, but these are so much more than the boring old headbands that you begrudgingly take out when you finally can't stand the windchill anymore.  In addition to being lined with soft, warm fleece, these babies come in an assortment of eye-popping colors and sport a Texas-sized (translation: huge) bow or rose.  Stephanie got a brand new serger for Christmas, which she used on this new project, and I finally got a chance to do something fun and crafty after a semester hiding away deep in the recesses of the school library...

Roses in Marigold, Teal Me a Secret, Ladybird Red, and Tickle me Pink

All lined in cozy fleece with a velcro closure

 After some trial and error, Steph and I managed to make a total of 15 ear warmers.  Lucky me, I got to try on every single one. Check off "Ear Warmer Model" on my list of life goals!  Steph was, of course, behind the camera, making me look good. :)
Bow in Midnight

Rose in Ladybird Red

Rose in Marigold (or The Yellow Rose of Texas) -- Can you tell this Texas girl is itching to get back to home base (where it's warm)?

Steph's directions were, "Get close to the brick."  I may not be good at many things, but I am EXCELLENT at following directions.

Bow in Tickle Me Pink

Bow in Teal Me A Secret

Bow in Marigold, featuring the ever-so-daring acorn squash

Rose in Teal Me A Secret

Rose in Tickle Me Pink

Bow in All Spruced Up
Sad to be leaving tomorrow, but at least I'll have something colorful to take with me to remember this trip.

Readers, what are some easy but elegant winter crafts you like to make during the holidays?

P.S.  Little miss E got her own ear warmers so she and Mommy can match!  (Seen here.)


  1. Gorgeous spunky model! Can we PLEASE live in the same city again??? Imagine the creations we'd create! Until next time, happy crafting ;o) Luv ya!


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