Fleece-Lined Felt Baby Slippers

Inspired by Leafy Tree Top Spot's Fleece Toddler Slippers Tutorial and Pattern.

Instead of making the slippers all out of fleece, I used felt on the outer layer so the slippers would have more structure. With the size 5/6 pattern, I was generous on the seam allowances to finish closer to a size 4 shoe. And because Velcro was nowhere to be found (and it isn't the type of weather for "non-essential" shopping trips at the moment), I made buttonholes (I recently learned how to make buttonholes using my sewing machine and am obsessed with buttonholes now). 

Yes, she has two different leg warmers on. One had a mishap during a diaper change so it was replaced.

Things to try next time:

  • Add a ribbon tag on the top of the back to pull on shoe easier.
  • Learn how to make things with snap buttons. 
  • Add on puffy paint dots to the bottom for grip. 
  • Make a pair for myself!


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