Fabric and Ribbon Bow Hair Clips

Headbands are in the past now. We're lucky if they stay on for more than two seconds (she's really good at flinging them off her head) so they've been passed on as curtain holders and to a doll I made for her first birthday. Plus, Little Miss E finally has enough hair to hold a hair clip!
Baby and Baby Sitting on a Turtle

So of course once I make one, I need to make five, eight, ten... more (seems to be a pattern with any new project...)!

Some of the clips have an additional felt lining on the inside to provide a little grip to her fine hair.

Oh, they're so cute!

Green Apple Gray Chevron

Next on the list, felt flower hair clips! Stay tuned!

Inspired by the following tutorials:
The Ribbon Retreat: Mini Clippie Instructions
Make It & Love It: Simple Bow Hair Clips


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