Fabric Necklace: Vintage Kitchen Tiles

Coming up with names for creations is fun. Some times the name comes to mind while checking out in the fabric store. Other times it takes days or weeks to come up with the perfect name. Thankfully I have my spunky sister (JP of Big City Sunrise) to tap her creative juices and bounce off ideas.  

Our email and/or text messages usually go like this:

Me: (email subject header with fabric swatch photos attached) "Name these prints please!"
JP: OoOooo! I like the [insert color here] one! Ok, I'll get back to you.
Me: I'm thinking it's like-vintage-y but I'm stuck.
JP: The blue/red dot one reminds me of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz... Maybe just "Dorothy"?
Me: But isn't Dorothy more blue and white gingham?
JP: Maybe a modern Dorothy?
Me: I'm thinking kitchen tiles....

Check it out on Etsy!


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