Sweet Eyelet Lace Clothespin Doll Toddler Blouse

Getting sewing projects (or anything!) done around the house can be pretty comical. I lay out the fabric. Little Miss E sits in the middle of the fabric and proceeds to play her recorder. I lay out another piece of fabric to measure and she picks it up to play peek-a-boo. Oh yeah, and my measuring tape disappears as a necklace.

my little seamstress
After the first eyelet lace project, I had to tackle it again to make one the right size. I needed to make some adjustments to the formula from the tutorial I followed. I think I have it right this time! I also wanted to try my hand at bias tape (I've tried it before but didn't do it correctly...this time I was way more successful...you can find anything on YouTube these days...see "notes" for bias tape tutorial). 


  • chest circumference = 18"
  • width of fabric (2 pieces) = 15"
  • length of fabric (2 pieces) = 10"
  • top lace length (2 pieces) = 7" (after binding removed)
  • strap lace length (2 pieces) = 6" (didn't remove binding but will next time because used bias tape all around instead of only on bottom half of armhole like I did the first time)



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