Sweet Eyelet Lace White Toddler Dress with Blue Floral Band

Eyelet lace is summer. So sweet on little girls. So feminine on grown-up girls. For this project, I used an old pillowcase. It's a heavier white cotton and dressed up perfectly! I could only find eyelet lace that was slightly gathered and bound so I took apart the binding for the top parts (saved the bias tape for the armhole) and left it on for the straps!

Finished product, pre-final pressing
After a few failed attempts at a good gather nearly 6 months ago, I decided to give it another try. It was so easy this time (broken threads, sweat, and not-so-pretty project resulted from the last attempt). Also tried out eyelet lace! So pretty. So sweet. So nice not to make straps, sleeves, or casing for elastic!

eyelet lace
This dress is currently reversible, front to back. Still debating whether or not to add a ribbon or flower (if so, it won't be reversible anymore!).

blue floral trim with serged hem


  • chest circumference = 18"
  • width of fabric (2 pieces) = 16.5"
  • length of fabric (2 pieces) = 15"
  • top lace length (2 pieces) = 8"
  • strap lace length (2 pieces) = 7.5"


  • Followed It's Always Autumn's Tutorial for "super sweet girl’s white lace blouse tutorial," and ended up with a top that was too big in width (the length I purposely made longer into a dress instead of a blouse). I think the measurements above result in a dress closer to a 2T size. 
  • Opted out of eyelet lace bottom hem and used a scrap piece of floral fabric for more color (and saved some eyelet lace for another blouse/dress! Eyelet lace is pricey!).
  • Removed bias tape from eyelet lace on top and used it to line armhole. Kept bias tape on eyelet lace straps.


  1. Thanks for sharing,how about the quality of this lace white dress ?
    i also want buy similar one to match my new coat.


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