Painted Canvas Pouches

Last week we took apart a moving box, got out painter's tape, mixed up some tempura paints (to be really permanent, acrylic paint would be a better choice - I don't plan on washing the finished result much but it is still washable if need be!), got out some scrap unbleached canvas fabric, and let our creative juices flow!

Time for some color!

love a good looking rainbow

toddler approved

"Mommy, I'm painting orange grass!"

drying works of art

Initially, I planned to make zippered pouches but I didn't have the zippers I thought I had laying around so I went for a simple drawstring bag instead with natural cotton ribbon.

The perfect little pouch for collecting treasures.

A fun way to display artwork and it is functional!

Twigs. Stones. Leaves.
Using a fabric marker write child's name or initials on the bottom with the date!

The stiffness of the painted canvas plus the boxed corners help the bag stand on its own.
Use it as an activity bag for child to put toys in for a rode trip. Whatever fits in the bag, may come on the trip!

The perfect size.


  1. That is beautiful and creative and such a wonderful keepsake for the future! I absolutely love it!

  2. Just mixing your colors for green, purple and orange is a great experiment.


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