Green Juice and Some Fun

Winter time can be a little tricky to get in fresh veggies when nothing is growing outside but icicles. We aren't frequent juicers here but have recently enjoyed these "green juices" to get in a little more "green" in our day!

Green Juice for Two (yields approximately 30 ounces):

3 cups organic kale+spinach+chard
2 stalks organic celery
1 organic yellow carrot
1 peeled organic orange
11 oz organic coconut water

Blend on "whole juice" Blendtec option.


Looking at the ten day forecast, however, I'm pretty sure the coldest of winter may be over! Not saying there's no more snow or no more ice or no more below freezing temperatures. Just saying, that we're likely not going to see any below zero temperatures for the rest of the season!

Being silly with my girl. 
And you know what else? I'm wearing fun necklace today. No occasion other than just doing it because I want to! Do something to make yourself smile today!

There's no reason you can't dress up with a chunky necklace any day of the week! #WorkItWednesday
Never tired of watching my little artist hard at work! (She requested "rainbow hair" today!)

And one more random piece of fun.... Condensation on the front door plus a paintbrush make for lots of fun (and no mess!)!


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