Teething/Drool/Suck Pads for Baby Carrier

I recently bought a set of KAMsnap pliers and snap buttons. I am so hooked. They are cute, easy to use, and look so neat and clean!

Soft structured baby carriers like those by Ergo, Beco, Tula, etc. have similar strap widths and thicknesses so this pattern can pretty much fit any of them (unless you're really particular about an exact fit). I've tried a pair of the pads on an Ergo Performance and a Tula and they fit really well!

This set is going to a mom-to-be's new Beco Soho!

Hoo Hoo!
The pattern I based mine off of uses just two layers, the main fabric and the backing fabric. I used three layers on mine - the main fabric, an inner layer of batting or fleece, and a backing fabric that can be the same as the main fabric or a different fabric to make it a fun reverse!

Super snuggly in cotton flannel and baby blue minky! Love the multi-colored buttons.

Sweet Tweets!

Fun and practical, these teething/drool/suck pads protect (better to wash the pads over and over than wash your carrier over and over!) and accessorize your carrier. They also make great gifts!


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