Baby Blue & Chocolate Brown

My dear friend Michelle is getting married in a few weeks! (YAY! I LOVE weddings.) She wishes to include her adorable niece (almost 3 years old) and nephew (being welcomed into this world any day now) on her special day. Given the colors and idea, I went to work to come up with something that fit her wedding and her little munchkins! (Photographed are two versions of each)

Congrats Michelle & Cory! I wish you a sweet and beautiful life together!


  1. love the hat!! :) --jpai

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! We just got them in the mail and they are EVEN cuter in person. We love them and we love you for putting all of this effort towards our special day! Can't thank you enough. I can't wait to send you pictures of those little boogers sporting these adorable gifts. Love you! -Michelle

  3. YAY!!! Can't wait to see them on your cutie pies (has your nephew arrived yet??)! Love you too!


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