Fluffy Fabric Hair Flowers

The flower obsession continues! This time we venture into fabrics. I LOVE textiles. Colors. Patterns. Feel. My latest project comes from Ruche: Petit Plume Hair Flower DIY. With a few minor adjustments, the below is the first of many variations to come!

Lace Blue - Tea Party
Note: Because you don't need an abundance of fabric, try sifting through the scrap bin at your fabric store. Often you can find the amount you need (and usually more than enough) for 50% or more off the original price! The only barrier is, you're fabric options in type and pattern are limited because all you've got are random scraps. However, take it as an opportunity to create unexpected combinations! I've used broadcloth, taffeta, patterned cotton, and lace. For the lace, I bought a spool because it was on sale and as a neutral color, I could use it for any color palette.
Lace Blue - Pretty On the Side
Pretty in Pink - Peony


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