Amigurumi Jellyfish

This started out as a little blue bird but the yarn color ran out and the eyes were placed in the wrong spot. Days went by and this little creature had no identity until one became a jellyfish!

There isn't a set pattern to this morphed creature. It probably goes something like this:

Thread on 2 plastic bead eyes with a large eye needle onto yarn of choice. Using a 3.75mm hook, sc 6 into a circle.
Sc2 into each st (12 sts)
Sc 1, sc2 into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc 2, sc2 into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc around
Sc 3, sc2 into next st* around (30 sts)
Sc around for 10 rounds. Somewhere in here, incorporate the eyes into a sc.
Sc 3, sc2 tog* around (24 sts)
Sc 2, sc2 tog* around (18 sts)

Run out of yarn about now, stuff "head" and sew shut with remaining yarn.

For tentacles, make chains of varying lengths (20-40 ch) connected to each other. For example, to start, chain 40, 2 sc into the 2nd ch from hook and continue to the end of the chain. Without fastening off, repeat what you just did but vary the length of the chain. Continue until desired number of tentacles are completed. Stitch on with long tail end of yarn.


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