The Pear Apron

Second apron complete. The Pear Apron is based on The Red Apron with a few adjustments. A few asymmetrical notes. Why not? Different type of ruffle. A girly girl has to have ruffles. All pieces are double layered - gives weight to the finished product and provides better protection from splatters and spills. Front pocket is made up of three pockets. One can never have too many pockets!


  1. are you commissioning these ... I want to buy one if you are!

  2. Hi Leila! I think after my third one I'll be ready to talk shop. If you have a particular color scheme in mind, let me know and I'll put some swatches together...maybe Rachel will need a matching bib! OOOoOO!

  3. that pear print looks reaaaaally familiar... did you already make something else out of it? --j

  4. HAHA! Yes, it's in your possession. A little drawstring baggie? :)


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