Purple Pear Tote (reversible)

Totes. Clutch. Drawstring. Canvas. Oilcloth. Coin. Zipper. Grocery. Book. Magnetic. Camera. Secret. I love bags. One can never have too many! 

As I was researching easy DIY sewing projects, I found a wonderful tutorial on making a reversible tote. All you need are two pieces fabric 13.5"x14"(outside), two pieces fabric 13.5"x14"(inside), one piece of fabric 4''x44" long (straps); of course you also need thread, a sewing machine, scissors, and an iron. I did two things differently from the instructions. Instead of two pieces of fabric for the outside and two pieces of fabric for the inside, I folded a piece of fabric in half and used the fold as the bottom "seam" for the inside and the outside. Therefore each of the pieces of fabric were 13.5"x28". The other thing I did differently was I added a pocket. I love pockets. Can't wait to make another!!

Green Gingham. Lavender. Pear.


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