Garden Update - March 29, 2012

Nearly a year since the last garden update, much has changed but our love for the beautifully edible has remained the same if not grown. We have some flowers left over from winter as well as new blooms. Most vegetables were planted new but some sprung up on their own from last year! For this spring and summer, we are looking forward to several varieties of tomatoes, Black Beauty eggplant, Thai chilies, Serrano chilies, green onions, banana peppers, sweet bell peppers, zucchini,  summer squash, cucumbers, thyme, basil, cilantro, mint, and peaches! 

Enter Our Secret Garden. Jasmine. Raspberry.

Our Oasis. Calla Lily. Bougainvillea.

Left Column: Pansy. Tulip. Dianthus. Mint.
Right Column: Bougainvillea. Thyme. Ranunculus. Snap Dragon.

Top: Garden. Serrano.
Bottom: Tomatoes. Cilantro and Green Onions.

Desert Gold Peach. Meyer Lemon Blossom.

Oleander. Mesquite. Garden.


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