The Mustard Yellow Camera Purse

Mom and I share a love for purses, totes, bags in general. Awhile back she found this perfect handbag for me to convert into a camera purse. Bold but classy color. Leather exterior. Medium-large size. Top magnetic closure. Side and inside pockets. Sturdy. I couldn't wait to see it! Mom started tailoring it for me. She added a zipper on top, structural lining to the sides, and buttons to the pockets on the outside. Gotta love Mom. Once it was in my hands, I added additional cushion to transform this beautiful handbag into a camera purse! Using one-inch thick foam covered in a lint-free fabric, I made enough pieces to protect an SLR camera body, three lenses, and an external flash. The middle divider cushions are removable. ♥ it!


  1. I love Steph! These past few posts have been making me so jealous. If and when you decide to sell these, I want to buy one! =)

    1. Thank you Nilam!!! I'm not sure how to make the sale of camera purses come to be. Can I re-sell a purse I bought that I added stuff to? Now if someone had a handbag that they already bought and I made the additions to it, that could be a different story??? Thoughts?


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