Fish Provençal

"Provençal" [proh-vahn-SAHL] refers to a southeastern region of France, Provence. Trademarks Provençal cooking include garlic, tomatoes, olive oil (Food Lover's Companion 4th Ed). The only guides for this dish were my senses and desire to use my new Le Creuset Dutch oven. It may not be true Provençal but can we say it's inspired by the sweet comfort of those simple ingredients?

2 tilapia fillets
2 green onions, chopped
1/2 sweet onion, chopped
lots of tomatoes, quartered
dried basil
olive oil
sea salt
  1. In Dutch oven pot, cook onions in olive oil on medium heat until they just start turning translucent. Pour onions into another bowl.
  2. Add fish to pot, searing both sides. Sprinkle on basil and sea salt.
  3. Add back in onions, tomatoes, and green onions.
  4. Cover and put pot in 250F oven until fish flakes and tomatoes are smushy (not sure how long this took because we had company stop by in the middle of me cooking so the pot was in the oven for maybe 15 minutes and then I turned off the heat and it continued to stay in there for another 15 minutes? Really, not sure on the timing of this one).
  5. Serve in bowls. You should end up with a delicious broth to go with the fish and vegetables. 


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