Flying Zebras and Pink Polka Dots

With approximately 10 weeks to go before baby's due date, I figure it is time to kick things into gear.... Having a baby is a great reason to do something like spring cleaning (in with the new, out of the old/re-purpose the old?). You know, sort through what we actually wear versus what we think we wear; what we need versus what we didn't even know we had. A few storage bins, bulging donation bags, and handfuls of dark chocolate M&Ms later, I cleared out a decent amount of space. My dresser is now Baby Girl's dresser and changing table. Pink Post-Its mark what goes where for now. As a break (and to dust off my sewing machine - thank you husband for changing the light bulb and needle...), I made a baby blanket. It's about 2 yards of fabric (1 yard per side), 100% cotton (one side flannel cotton). Sewn inside-out then hemmed on the outside for a finishing touch, a pretty easy project that results in instant gratification!


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