Robots and Tutus

I've never been the tutu tulle type of girl. Growing up yes, we played dress-up, yes, we played school (and the kindergarten school picture of me on the wall we referred to as "the President"), yes, we played wizards and dragons (I don't recall any princesses). But the most loved place of our imagination was our version of playing "house." We referred to it as "December.” Inspired by The Boxcar Children series, we were always foraging for food (picking up acorns and wild berries in the forest), building bonfires (pretend, in the basement), and fiercely protecting each other from make-believe villains. Oh the imagination we had! I hope our daughter has the most vivid of imaginations and that we continue to tap into our own imagination to help her explore her beautiful creative world. Maybe she'll love tutus. Maybe she'll love robots. Maybe she'll play with robots in a tutu.

Tutu tutorial inspired by The Ribbon Retreat.
I used 2 x 25 yards of tulle (2 spools) in white and lavender. I cut lengths of 24-26" and alternated between knotting two colors together and each color knotted separately.


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