A Whale of a Storm: DIY Whale Stuffed Animal

An oldie from May 2014
We love a good rainy day. We love the smell of rain. We love the feel of rain on our faces. We love splashing in puddles. We love the symphony of rain.

After weeks without a good rain, it poured today. Poured and poured and poured. The grass grew inches in the last few hours (or at least they're standing tall and proud instead of sad and wilty so they seem taller). A good day to pull out the soft cotton flannel and make a stuffed animal - a whale today. Great gift for a baby shower, toddler birthday, Christmas, or just because! Happy sewing!

matching cotton flannel

drew a whale on two pieces of paper taped together for a pattern

Trace whale pattern onto both pieces of fabric, right sides together and cut. Pin right sides together and sew, leaving a 3 inch gap along the bottom for flipping right side out and for stuffing. Add a felt water spout on top. 

front side, flipped right side out, pre-stuffing

back side, flipped right side out, pre-stuffing

Stuffed. Use invisible ladder stitch to sew opening closed.

Added an eye on front side using scrap from the back fabric and black felt.
peek-a-boo whale in tall summer storm grass


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