Tag Me Sunshine

Babies love tags. I remember Little Miss E used to chew on the tags of all her toys, even the tags that weren't meant to be part of the toy. Here's a super cute way to use up scrap fabric and lots of ribbons! It's a quick stocking stuff for baby's first Christmas. Make a bunch for a baby shower gift in different shapes, sizes, colors! Now, as a toddler, she likes sticking her fingers in the loops and swinging her little "pillow" around. 

For little ones who will chew and suck on the tags, probably best to avoid ribbons with painted on designs in case the paint comes off....

pin down ribbon loops, leaving a gap for flipping right side out and the last ribbon

sew in the last ribbon on the bottom edge after flipping the fabric right side out

the tricky sewn in last ribbon pre-stuffing

finished cuteness

Inspired Chez Beeper Bebe's Tutorial and Pattern for Rainbow Sunshine Plushie.

My Little Sunshine


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