For the Love of Babywearing

There are so many reasons why I love babywearing. Yes, there are health benefits. Yes, there are convenience reasons. Yes, collecting baby and toddler carriers can become a hobby aka obsession but it's functional art! 

  1. Warmth
    • No need to lug a car seat into a grocery store or place a toddler into a cold shopping cart seat in the middle of winter.
    • Keeps both of us warm.
  2. Hands-free 
    • I can open store doors by myself.
    • I can crochet with a sleeping baby on my chest.
    • Easier to go through airport security and maneuver through the airport.
  3. On the go nursing
    • I can nurse discretely (most people don't even know it's happening!).
    • No need to sit down anywhere. Just stop, re-adjust, and keep on going!
  4. Break time
    • Being held and shielded from external craziness calms down a overstimulated toddler. Some times there's just too much so much to take in, we all need a break.
  5. Weight-bearing physical activity
    • Aside from chasing a toddler around, not much planned physical activity gets scheduled into a day.
    • My arms get tired holding a squirmy toddler. Wearing her keeps her calm and still and my arms don't get tired!

Check out your local babywearing groups through Babywearing International Org.

P.S. - We also LOVE our stroller. Let me count the ways (I love lists!).

  • When she was in the infant car seat, I loved being able to snap the car seat into the stroller. It made running errands with a sleeping baby so much easier. I didn't have to wake her up.
  • The stroller is a safe and clean place to change diapers when we're out.
  • If she doesn't want to sit and would rather be carried, I can wear her and put all of our shopping goodies in the stroller.
  • If she falls asleep in the stroller, I can enjoy a meal at a restaurant while she sleeps.
  • Some days it's just too hot to wear her. 
  • She can enjoy a snack in her stroller off the tray and place her cup in the cup holder. Anything she can do by herself these days is a plus for her!


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