T-Shirt Leggings for Toddlers: Children's Blue

Nearly a decade ago, my husband and I (before we were husband and wife) spent our Friday afternoons at our local children's hospital. My husband and I became dragons and wizards as we read stories of adventure to children who were bed-bound. I convinced children to play "connect the dots" with the moles on my husband's arm. We drew murals on the windows and shrieked in surprised fright as window washers came by.

My blue volunteer t-shirt became a pair of t-shirt leggings for Little Miss E today. She ran in them. Danced in the rain in them. Sat on wet steps in them.

Thank you children at the hospital for playing with us so many years ago. We wish you the best of health and the happiest of memories for years to come!

How to create your own pattern: {Sugar Tart Crafts: Pants Pattern}
How to sew your own leggings or pants: {Sugar Tart Crafts: Pants Tutorial}


  1. I just love these upcycled leggings, Evelyn and you, Steph!

  2. Seriously, you need to do a MOOC or some online class on sewing! You'd be a great teacher!


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