T-Shirt Leggings for Toddlers: Dada's Red T

It's hard finding pants to fit Little Miss E. About average in height but smaller in weight, she swims out of most pants in "her size" and if we size down, they might as well be capris. For me, most DIY projects come out of the need. My husband and I had a pile of old t-shirts that NEEDED to go and Little Miss E NEEDED pants that fit her properly.

Guess what happened next??

No tutorial shown because I traced a pair of leggings as a guide and extended the length and cut elastic to fit her on her waist. The beauty of using knits (which I had been scared to venture into for years) is that you don't have to hem anything if you don't mind a raw edge. The plus of using old t-shirts (aside from glorious upcycling!) is you can line up the bottom hem of the leggings to the bottom hem of the t-shirt and basically re-use the t-shirt hem (didn't do that for the red leggings but did do that for the second and third pairs not photographed here).

I was looking for a pair of leggings that had a smaller and higher waist so she could bend, squat, jump, and play comfortably.

I was looking for a pair of leggings that were long enough in the legs that her ankles wouldn't get cold when climbing the stairs or when she was being worn in a carrier.

Made out of dada's old and loved t-shirt, I found those perfect leggings for Little Miss E.  


How to create your own pattern: {Sugar Tart Crafts: Pants Pattern}
How to sew your own leggings or pants: {Sugar Tart Crafts: Pants Tutorial}


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