Book Nook

We recently checked out a great book from the library, Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures by Amanda Blake Soule. I started marking off projects with tape flags and realized I was pretty much checking off every other project! Here's one the author titles "cozy wall pockets" that we've renamed E's "book nook." 

Sear ends of ribbon for hanging the book nook. The length will depend on where you're hanging it. We're starting to run out of wall space so it had to be a certain length to fit below a hanging painting and above a vent. 
We used all scrap fabric and a branch from the yard. The book has instructions with dimensions for the fabric but we used scraps that were already cut into various rectangles and left them that way. After some arranging, rearranging, and pinning, the fabric pockets were sewn down to the back base fabric (that I serged to prevent a fraying mess).

Space ribbon loops out evenly across the top of the book nook base fabric (wrong side up) and pin. Then sew an "x" on each loop to the base of the book nook.

Little Miss E helping place the felt hearts on top of the sewn "x" for the loops (we hot glued them down).
The white hearts were perfect for little doodles.

The bottom right pocket is an old t-shirt of daddy's that got personalized by E with permanent marker. We left room should additional decor need to be added in the future!

Daddy smoothing out a branch to hang E's book nook.
The branch turned out to not be very straight and the loops didn't account for the difference so binder clips are evening out the book nook. But that's purely cosmetic! E loves the family project book nook and so do we! 


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