Toddler Pinafores

Summer is hot. Toddlers don't like clothes (well, not all of them but many go through a phase at some point of preferring to run around really free). A pinafore is quick to get on (no buttons, no zippers, no fuss) and depending on the length, it can last through the seasons as a dress, tunic, and top with nothing underneath, a t-shirt underneath, or a long-sleeved shirt underneath!

Fun floral outside. Light denim inside. Could be reversible but I added buttons. See caption of next photo.

I based my pattern loosely off of Steph Chow's Simple Toddler Pinafore Pattern. Her pattern does not include a seam allowance so I cut an additional 1/2 inch around to potentially make up for my two fabric not lining up exactly. Her pattern is for 18 month so I increased the length for my two year old and extended the strap length.

Large wooden buttons on the shoulder to hide part of the ugly join - I had to seam rip a couple times as I tried different ways to join the shoulder straps so they turned out not so pretty. Ignore the stray threads.

This one I didn't extend the original pattern yet so it's more top length than tunic or dress length.

"Mommy, my basil plant is REALLY thirsty" says Little Miss E before watering the flowers on her new top.

So after this first one, I HAD to make another (there's a trend with previous projects of HAVING to make several more immediately after the first one).

This one is a little longer than the first and the joining of the seams are overlapping instead of one tucked into the other.

This pinafore is reversible with solid yellow on the inside but she likes the flowers so the flowers are on the outside!


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