Versatile Ribbed Hat (crochet)

Knowing a few basic measurements for different ages and understanding your own tension when crocheting, you can make many different sizes and variations of this incredibly versatile ribbed crochet hat! They whip up pretty quickly and are soft and stretchy!

Double Mint

Fold up the bottom for a cuff or leave it out when baby gets bigger but still fits into the hat (it's pretty deep so as long as it fits comfortably with stretch, it can be worn not folded up on the bottom!).

Because you have to pom pom.

Pom pom with a speckled yarn adds a little fun to otherwise solid colors!

Awaiting a cute little blue-eyed boy.

Sweet Pea

Ribbing never looked so cute in a cashmere blend.

A little stem. A little leaf. A little vine. Awaiting a little baby girl.

Inspired by Hopeful Honey's Newborn Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern.
If you decide not to do the "pumpkin top," still follow the instructions for the sc at the end and just thread the last string of yarn through and pull it tight and then top with a pom pom.


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