Pixie Bonnet in Mustard (knit)

So before the first pixie bonnet was complete, I had plans for the second one (and third...and maybe fourth...). This time I would follow more closely to the original instructions and see how the dimensions would turn out. Still made a couple changes (indicated in the written out pattern below) but it came out without need for adjustments this time! Whoohoo! Hoping to make a newborn size one at some point....I think as long as the rectangle-pre-seaming-of-the-back has a ratio of 2:1 (so that once seamed it's a square) we're good!

  • Loops & Threads Impeccable in Gold
    • medium worsted weight (4)
    • 4"x4" = 18S x 24R
    • recommends US 8 (5mm) knitting needles
    • machine wash, warm; gentle; wash with like colors; tumble dry low; do not iron
    • 100% acrylic
  • US 8 (5mm) knitting needles
  • yarn needle
  • 5.00mm crochet hook
  • 35mm pom pom maker
  • Using long tail cast on, with a 30” – 35” tail (tail will be used to sew up back), CO 60 sts 
  • Row 1: K to end 
  • Row 2: K2, P to last 2 sts, K2 
  • Rows 3 – 10: Repeat rows 1 & 2 
  • Row 11: K2, (P1, K1) to last 2 sts, K2 
  • Row 12: K2, (K1, P1) to last 2 sts, K2 
  • Rows 13 & 14: Repeat rows 11 & 12 
  • Rows 15 – 28: Repeat rows 1 – 14 
  • Rows 29 – 38: Repeat rows 1 – 10 
  • Row 39-42: K2, (P2, K2) to last 2 sts, K2 
  • End up with 13.5 inch by 7 inch rectangle.
  • Bind off, weave in ends. Use tail to sew up the back of the bonnet. 
  • Using crochet hook, attach to front bottom corner of bonnet and chain 20, turn and sc in second chain from hook and sc in the rest until reaching bonnet edge. Slst to bonnet edge, fasten off and weave in ends. Repeat with other side of bonnet for matching strap. 
  • Make pom poms and attach to bottom of straps. 
Yay! This one came out with the right dimensions (compared to the first pixie bonnet I made that needed some alterations!).
How to join a seam on horizontal edges invisibly.
Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting. Second Ed. Sharon Turner. Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2010.

Mine isn't invisible but it was pretty fun to learn!

Love the garter edging and moss stitch pattern.


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