400 miles West

Everyone needs that get away, whether it's a stay-cation, road trip, or flight overseas. Away from your daily planner. Away from the to-do and honey-do lists. Away from the counter that always seems to collect dust even though you just cleaned it. For the long weekend, my husband and I traded in the hot desert sun for the ocean breeze 400 miles west.

We left fleeting footprints in the Pacific sand.
We marveled at people of all shapes, sizes, and decor.
We savored flavors of the sea and fancies of the creative chef.
We soaked up the smell and coolness of the rain.
We walked, and talked, and stopped to smell all the roses.

chocolate + biscotti
squid "sweet heat." swordfish "costa rica" drunken cherries + smoky almonds (fish was caught that morning). figs and shortcake with mascarpone and fig sorbet.
Pacific Rain


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