Cinnamon Fig Honey Mascarpone

While on our beach retreat, we had the most memorable dessert. There was a delightful balance between all the textures and layers of flavor. Between thin layers of sponge cake you cut through sweet creamy mascarpone, sliced fresh figs, the crunch of fleur de sel (and something else caramel-brittle-like but I have no idea what it is), and cooling house-made fig sorbet. Being 400 miles away from this delicious dessert at Searsucker, I thought to create one similar at home from what I had on hand.
Whip mascarpone with honey and let it sit at room temperature so it's soft. Meanwhile, toast two slices (one slice per person) of buttered cinnamon bread on the stove top, slice in half, and arrange on your dessert plates. Using a small ice cream scoop, top a small ball of honey mascarpone on a half bread slice for each plate. Arrange a small spoonful of fig preserve on the side, top with second half of cinnamon toast. Add a small spoonful of raspberry sorbetto, sprinkle all over with some cinnamon sugar, and away your taste buds go!


  1. A-AAAAAAAAAAmazing. Wow, I'm compelled to think that your dessert probably looks better than the one you actually were served.

  2. Thanks! Nilam, perhaps you're confused. The bottom photo is the one from the restaurant - clearly much more artistic and fine dining-like than mine! Either way, delicious! :o)


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