A Garden Surprise: Bobcat

Ready to trim back some bug-eaten leaves on the bougainvillea and clean up the summer snapdragons, I slid open the patio door and was startled by a sudden movement from the garden bed. A bobcat had jumped out and was as startled as I was. We both froze and had a staring contest for what seemed like a minute but was likely less than five seconds. I retreated back into the living room and tentatively closed the patio door. The bobcat took a few steps towards the back fence before finding a shady spot to nap under the mesquite tree. Guess the trimmings will have to be done later! In about an hour, I checked on the bobcat and it had moved back into the garden bed, and nestled into the hole where it was initially relaxing. Watching this bobcat makes me want to take a nap in a garden bed surrounded by snapdragons and chilies....


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