Masquerade Mask & Caramel Apples

A few weeks ago I had a predicament. Halloween was creeping up and a mask that fit comfortably over glasses was nowhere to be found. This past week, inspiration was found -with some yarn and a crochet hook, a mask was made. My basic pattern was inspired by Priscilla's Crochet's Masquerade Mask. My deviations are the following: H hook; Round 2 were hdc's instead of dc's; Round 3 was slst all around except for the sides where I did a 3ch slst back into the same hdc for the temples of my glasses to go through; and at the end I used the tail to stitch together the middle for a more prominent nose flare and to fit my glasses so I could see out better. Then I sewed on sequins and accessorized with glittery bird clips (Christmas ornaments actually).
Happy Halloween!
Caramel Apples


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